Proceedings of the 2017 International Conference on Security and Management

SAM'17 Table of Contents

Editor(s): Kevin Daimi, Hamid R. Arabnia
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A Visual Approach to Data Fusion in Sensor Networks 3-6
Martin Zsifkovits, Maximilian Moll, Truong Son Pham, Stefan Wolfgang Pickl
Protection from Black Hole Attacks in Communication Networks 7-11
Beatrice Cerda, Ester Martinez-Belmares, Shengli Yuan
A Survey on Wireless Security Protocol WPA2 12-17
Samia Alblwi, Khalil Shujaee
MAC address based Sensor Network Authentication: Survey 18-21
Sunghyuck Hong, Kyungil Ko


Performance Analysis of CLEFIA, PICCOLO, TWINE Lightweight Block Ciphers in IoT Environment 25-31
Levent Ertaul, Sachin Kattepura Rajegowda
IoT Security: Performance Evaluation of Grain, MICKEY, and Trivium - Lightweight Stream Ciphers 32-38
Levent Ertaul, Arnold Woodall
A New Key Management And Authentication Architecture For ZigBee Networks (KAAZ) 39-45
Ouassila Hoceini, Hossam Afifi, Rachida Aoudjit
Threshold Secret Sharing based on 3D-Cellular Automata 46-51
Rosemary Koikara, Pyung-Han Kim, Anand Paul, Kee-Young Yoo
Evaluation of Highly Efficient Scalar Multiplication in Elliptic Curve Cryptography 52-57
Nozomi Miyamoto, Chiaki Itaba, Itaru Koike, Toshiyuki Kinoshita


A Study on Korea's Information Security Management System: An Insider Threat Perspective 61-67
Ran Kyoung Park, Jong In Lim, Hun Yeong Kwon, Jin-Young Choi
NOAH for IoT: Cybersecurity Strategy for Home Applications 68-74
Erica Mitchell, Joon Park
Cloud Solution for Management and Security in Temporary Reception Centres 75-78
Giovanni Masala, Roberta Pola, Maria Ganadu
A High-order Masking Approach for CLEFIA Implementation on FPGA and Intel. 79-85
Abdullah Baihan, Parasara Sridhar Duggirala, Mohammed Baihan


Building a Gh0st Malware Experimentation Environment 89-95
Vamshika Boinapally, George Hsieh, Kevin S. Nauer
Undergraduate Software Engineering Experience Developing an Authentication System 96-102
Suhair Amer, Wenxing Qiu
Steganography - Capstone Experience Project 103-109
Suhair Amer
Building a Virtual Enterprise Network Environment for APT Experimentation 110-116
Kaila M. Perry, George Hsieh, Cody Butler, SeanMichael Yurko Galvin, Kevin S. Nauer
Applying Security to Moodle Grades 117-123
Sofia Oraa-Perez, Carmen Hernandez-Diez, Jose Antonio Marcos-Garcia
Analyzing and Improving the NCL Ethical Hacking Lab Exercises 124-127
George Shoemaker, Ahmed Gedi, Balal Rahim, Nick Tan, Jens Mache, Richard Weiss


The Significance of Information Security Risk Assessments: Exploring the Consensus of Raters' Perceptions of Probability and Severity 131-137
Jonas Hallberg, Johan Bengtsson, Niklas Hallberg, Henrik Karlzen, Teodor Sommestad
Backup Monitoring in Large Heterogeneous Business Cloud Computing Environments: A Framework for the Development of a Reliable Automated Process 138-144
Krassie Petrova, Anne Abbott
Efficient Isolation Enabled Role-Based Access Control for Database Systems 145-151
Mohammad Rahat Helal, Weiqing Sun, Ahmad Y. Javaid
Minimal TCB for System-Model Execution 152-158
Mahalingam Ramkumar


Privacy-Enhanced and Fair Matchmaking System - Applications and Analysis of Protocol, Architecture, and Performance 161-167
Dwight Horne, Suku Nair
A Framework for Web Applications Security and Response System 168-174
Naveen Chada, Dulal Kar, Ajay Katangur
Improved Reversible Data hiding using Mean Values in an Encrypted Image 175-181
Kyung-Yoon Seo, Dae-Soo Kim, Eun-Jun Yoon, Kee-Young Yoo
Using Pattern Filtering to Detect Cross-Site Attacks 182-187
Samrat Bongiri, Mario Garcia
Virtual Keyboard Logging Counter-measures using Common Fate's Law 188-194
Nicolas Echallier, Gilles Grimaud, Julien Iguchi-Cartigny, Jean-Marie Place, Jean-Phillipe Wary


A Light-weight Method to Send and Receive SMS Messages in an Emulator 197-203
Chi-Yu You, Yan-Ling Hwang, Chuan-Kai Kao, Fu-Hau Hsu, Chia-Hao Lee
Android-App-Dissection on the Wandboard - Automatic Analysis of Malicious Mobile Code 204-210
Heiner Winkler, Christian Hummert
Model for Autonomous Correlation of Intrusion Detection State Variables over Spatial, Temporal, and Ontological Domains 211-216
Erica Bott, Jesse Roberts, Gregory Vert
Examining Features for Android Malware Detection 217-223
Matthew Leeds, Miclain Keffeler, Travis Atkison
An Evolutionary Approach of Attack Graphs and Attack Trees: A Survey of Attack Modeling 224-229
Shariful Haque, Miclain Keffeler, Travis Atkison


Using IDS to prevent XSS Attacks 233-239
Charlie Obimbo, Kashaan Ali, Khalid Mohamed
Comparison of SVMs with Radial-Basis function and Polynomial Kernels in Classification of Categories in Intrusion Detection 240-246
Charlie Obimbo, Eric Nyakundi
Formal Specification and Verification of Firewall using TLA+ 247-251
Young-Mi Kim, Miyoung Kang, Jin-Young Choi
Probabilistic Deception and Attacker Experimentation 252-258
Sharif Hassan, Ratan Guha


Dynamic Scalable ECC Scheme and Its Application to Encryption Workflow Design 261-262
Jia Wang, Lee-ming Cheng
An Analysis of Intrusion Prevention Data Against HPC Services in KISTI 263-264
Jae-Kook Lee, Sung-Jun Kim, Taeyoung Hong
A Chaining User Authentication with Distributed Clustering in the IoT Environment 265-266
Dong-Hoon Kim, Ki Young Lee
Cost Integrated Schemes for Decoy Deployment in Virtualized Cloud Services Protection 267-268
Tulha Al-Salah, Liang Hong
Vulnerability Analysis and Attacks on Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessor 269-270
Seungmin Lee, Ju-Won Park


Thematic Graphical User Authentication: Graphical User Authentication Using Themed Images on Mobile Devices 273-278
Joshua Sherfield, Cheryl Hinds


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