Proceedings of the 2018 International Conference on Bioinformatics & Computational Biology

BIOCOMP'18 Table of Contents

Editor(s): Hamid R. Arabnia, Fernando G. Tinetti, Quoc-Nam Tran, Mary Yang
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Intrinsic Disorder in Conserved Pfam Domains 3-9
Jianhong Zhou, Christopher J. Oldfield, Fei Huang, Wenying Yan, Bairong Shen, A. Keith Dunker
Graph Regularized Matrix Factorization for MiRNA-Disease Association Prediction 10-16
Negin Fraidouni, Gergely Zaruba
GI-IsolationForest: Genomic Island Discovery Using Isolation Forest Algorithm 17-23
Pu Tian, Dongsheng Che
First Success of Cancer Genetic Analysis by Microarrays 24-30
Shuichi Shinmura
Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer Gene Expression Network Inference Using Gaussian Graphic Models 31-37
Haitao Zhao, Zhong-Hui Duan
Analysis of DNA Sequence Information and Complexity 38-41
Sihai Tang, Rajan Alex, Yi Zhou, Shijun Tang
Framework, Barriers, and Proposed Solutions for Engaging Students in Bioinformatics Research 42-46
Sara G. Cline, Jeremy W. Prokop
A Fast and Effective Heuristic Algorithm for Finding Quorum Planted (l, d, q)-Motifs 47-51
Chung-E Wang
Drug Repositioning in pursuit of Personalized Medicine by Means of Big Data Analytics: An AMD Eye Disorder Point of View to Cure Blindness and to Sequence ALU Isoforms 52-60
Abhishek Narain Singh


High Performance Computation of the Hybrid MoM/FDTD Code for health hazardous effects due to Mobile Base Station Radiation 63-70
Maha Eldesouki, Haythm Abdallah, Hesham Eldeeb, Hala Elsadek, Nader Bagherzadeh
Supervised ECG Interval Segmentation Using LSTM Neural Network 71-77
Hedayat Abrishami, Chia Han, Xuefu Zhou, Matthew Campbell, Richard Czosek
Optimal Design in the Removal of Fluorescence and Shot Noise in Raman Spectra from Biological Samples 78-84
Francisco Javier Luna Rosas, Julio Cesar Martinez Romo, Gricelda Medina Veloz, J. Rafael Molina Contreras, Claudio Frausto Reyes, Joaquin A. Zavala Ramos
Bayesian Bi-Cluster Change-Point Model for Exploring Functional Brain Dynamics 85-91
Bing Liu, Xuan Guo, Jing Zhang
Machine Learning: A Dark Side of Cancer Computing 92-98
Ripon Patgiri, Sabuzima Nayak, Tanya Akutota, Bishal Paul
Perception of the Benefits and Barriers to Antenatal Exercise among Pregnant Women in Benin City, Nigeria 99-104
Jamai Irehovbude, Dorcas Okonigene, Grace O. Ikhioya, Robert E. Okonigene
N-Gram Methods for Influenza Host Classification 105-107
Chandler Kincaid
Towards a Method for the Assessment of Cerebral Aneurysms Surgery with a Bi-Directional Doppler System for Blood Flow Measurement 108-113
Ernesto Rubio-Acosta, Fabian Garcia-Nocetti, Pedro Acevedo-Contla, Martin Fuentes-Cruz, J. Antonio Contreras-Arvizu


Molecular Modeling of Beta-lactam Antibiotics Inclusion Systems with Cyclodextrins in Solution 117-117
Mikolaj Mizera, Irena Oszczapowicz, Judyta Cielecka-Piontek
The Application of DB6 Wavelet in Microwave-based Breast Tumor Detection System 118-119
He Liu, Meng Yao


SMF: Approximate Algorithm for the Planted (l, d) Motif Finding Problem in DNA Sequences 123-129
Hasnaa Al-Shaikhli, Elise de Doncker
Analysis of Large Scale Gene Expression Data sets from TCGA Identifies Potential Candidate Genes under Dosage Compensation in Breast Cancer 130-137
Guillermo Oviedo-Blanco, Man Sai Acon-Chan, Jose Guevara-Coto, Rodrigo Mora-Rodriguez


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