Proceedings of the 2018 International Conference on Scientific Computing

CSC'18 Table of Contents

Editor(s): Hamid R. Arabnia, Michael R. Grimaila, Douglas D. Hodson, Fernando G. Tinetti
ISBN: 1-60132-473-1 | Copyright © 2018 CSREA Press | United States of America


Visualizing Behaviors when Using Real vs Synthetic Imagery for Computer Vision 3-9
Nicholas Seydel, Will Dallmann, Scott Nykl
Modeling Inconsistency in DVEs with DEVS 10-13
Jeremy R. Millar, Douglas D. Hodson
Application of ECS Game Patterns in Military Simulators 14-17
Douglas D. Hodson, Jeremy R. Millar
The Mixed Reality Simulation Platform (MIXR) 18-24
Douglas D. Hodson, David P. Gehl


Improving Landsat 8 Cloud Detection Algorithms via a new Snow Identification and Separation Algorithm 27-33
Thomas Krammer, Parvaneh Saeedi
Measuring Failover Time for High Availability Network 34-39
James T. Yu
Machine Learning for Predictive Analytics of Compute Cluster Jobs 40-46
Dan Andresen, William Hsu, Huichen Yang, Adedolapo Okanlawon
A New Method to Reduce 'Time and Cost' in Data Transmission 47-52
Masoud Abedi, Peter Luksch, Abbas Malekpour, Muhammad Imran Abbas Bukhari
Computing Techniques Established On The Concept Of Polynomial Number 53-59
Yingchun Zhang
Heuristic of VM Allocation to Reduce Migration Complexity at Cloud Server 60-66
Devika Kakkar, Gilbert S. Young
An Exploratory Analysis of Blockchain: Applications, Security, and Related Issues 67-73
Divya Kamboj, T. Andrew Yang
Use of Word Pairs and Context to Achieve Better Automatic Speech Recognition Results with Foreign English Speakers 74-80
Ron Schneider, Daren Wilcox
Towards Deep Secure Tele-Surgery 81-86
Pedram Fekri, Peyman Setoodeh, Fariba Khosravian, Ali Akbar Safavi, Mehrdad Zadeh
Preventative Measures in Cyber and Ransomware Attacks for Home and Small Businesses' Data 87-93
Haydar Teymourlouei
HPC in the Cloud Environment: Challenges, and Theoretical Analysis 94-101
Promise Mvelase, Happy Sithole, Sakhile Masoka, Mncedisi Bembe
GymTicket: An Issue Tracking Solution for Gym Equipment 102-105
Eric Merryman, En Cheng
Emerging Computing Technologies - Part 1 106-111
Matthew Sadiku, Emmanuel Dada, Sarhan Musa


A Modified Cellular Automata based Model for Nanopore Formation in Anodized Alumina 115-118
Janusz Stafiej, Jan Stepien
Monte Carlo Electron Transport Simulation of 4H-SiC using DFT Calculated Density of States 119-123
Janusz Wozny, Andrii Kovalchuk, Zbigniew Lisik, Jacek Podgorski, Piotr Bugalski, Andrzej Kubiak, Lukasz Ruta
Is the NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework (NCWF) Effective for a Workforce Comprised of Interdisciplinary Majors? 124-130
Johanna Jacob, Wei Wei, Kewei Sha, Sadegh Davari, T. Andrew Yang


Adaptive Mesh Refinement, Interface Reconstruction and Numerical Algorithms for Plasma 3-T Radiation Diffusion 133-139
William W. Dai
Applications of Directional Fibers to Fixed Point Location and Non-convex Optimization 140-146
Garrett E. Katz, James A. Reggia
Application of a RecurDyn and LabVIE-based Cooperative Strategy to a 6-axis Articulated Robot with a 2-axis Additional Welding Jig for Improving Process Efficiency of Welding 147-152
Jun Rak Hong, Won Jee Chung, San Seong Lee, Yeon Ju Ahn, Hee Sung Ahn
Low-Frequency Oscillation Enhancement in Multi-Machine Power System Using Adaptive Online Reinforcement Learning Based Controller 153-159
Hossein Shayeghi, Heidarali Shayanfar, Abdolla Younesi
Application of SimulationX-based Optimization Technique to Valve-Plate Notch Design of Variable Swash-Plate Type Axial Piston Pump 160-166
San Seong Lee, Won Jee Chung, Jun Rak Hong, Soo Tae Kim, Jeong Sil Lee


Accelerating Block-Tridiagonal Matrix Inversion on GPUs 169-170
Bemnet Demere, Peter Yoon


Driver Model Comparison for Mobility Test Maneuvers for Ground Vehicle Simulations 173-177
Sara Boyle, Stephanie Loewen, Jeremy Mange
A Proposal for Using 3D Technology and Modelling as Teaching Tools in Understanding Computer Programming Concepts 178-182
Robert Elliott, Nabie Conteh, Patricia Robertson
Visibility Enhancement in Poor Weather - Tracking of Vehicles 183-188
Marwan S. Alluhaidan, Ikhlas Abdel-Qader
Emerging Computing Technologies - Part2 189-194
Matthew N.O. Sadiku, Emmanuel Dada, Sarhan M. Musa
Designing by a Quadratic Trigonometric Spline with Point and Interval Shape Control 195-200
Shamaila Samreen, Muhammad Sarfraz, Malik Zawwar Hussain
Wearable Human Body Falling Detection Device 201-203
Shiannfong Huang, Yan-Cheng Chen, Shu-Hsien Liao


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