Proceedings of the 2018 International Conference on Embedded Systems, Cyber-physical Systems, & Applications

ESCS'18 Table of Contents

Editor(s): Hamid R. Arabnia, Leonidas Deligiannidis, Fernando G. Tinetti
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Securing Virtualized FPGAs for an Untrusted Cloud 3-9
Paul Genssler, Oliver Knodel, Rainer Spallek
LwProf: Lightweight Profiling and Coverage Tool for Embedded Software 10-16
Evan Lojewski, Kristen R. Walcott
Scheme for Partitioned Co-emulation using Multi PYNQ-Z1 Boards 17-21
Eduardo Tapia-Morales, Jorge Martinez-Carballido, Gloria Castro-Munoz
Design of a Sensor-Based Adaptive Smart Home System Using NXP ARM Cortex-M3 22-25
Md Inzamam Ul Haque, Damian Valles
Effectiveness of Intermediate Values at Outputs of Adder Designs 26-32
Angela Tobin, Hussain Al-Asaad
An Embedded Approach for Controlling Automatic Water Pump and Monitoring Real-Time Remote Data on Desktop, Android, and Web-based Application 33-36
Abdullah Al Bashit, Damian Valles
Inflight Drone Re-routing Method with Google Map on Smart Pad 37-40
Boyeon Kim, Munseong Jung, Yunseok Chang
Early Warning Embedded System of Dangerous Temperature Using Single Exponential Smoothing for Firefighters Safety 41-44
Farah Jaradat, Damian Valles
Gas and Air Quality Detection, and Monitoring Using Embedded System for Nanofabrication Facility 45-48
Mohi Uddin Jewel, Bikramjit DasGupta, Damian Valles
RPM Measurement using MEMS Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) 49-53
Tongjun Ruan, Robert Balch
IP Packet Loss and RTT Calculation Simulation Using Low-Cost Embedded Real-Time Systems 54-57
Bikramjit DasGupta, Damian Valles
An Electrical Vehicle Charging Station Monitoring Embedded Design 58-61
Noushin Azami, Damian Valles


Investigating Machine Learning Classifiers on a Brain Machine Interface, for Cyber Physical Systems Applications 65-70
George Pippos, Rober Maurer, Matthew D'Souza, Montserrat Ros
Next-Generation Transportation Vulnerabilities 71-76
William Kayser, Steven J Buchhop, Brian Morrow, Arun Sukumaran Nair, Prakash Ranganathan
Execution Control in Mixed-Criticality Systems 77-82
Alfons Crespo, Patricia Balbastre, Jose Simo
Smart Home Vulnerabilities - A Survey 83-87
Abdiladif Said, Abdisalan Jama, Faysal Mahamud, Jayabalaji Mohan, Prakash Ranganathan
Time-based CFLRU: A Novel Cache Replacement Algorithm for Flash Memory 88-92
Thien-Binh Dang, Hyohoon Ahn, Jisoo Lee, Jinwoong Jung, Hyunseung Choo


Digital Twin-based Smart Factory CPS Modeling 95-96
Taioun Kim
Design of a Low Power, Reliable and Secure Multicore Embedded RTOS 97-98
Sang Cheol Kim, Jeong-Woo Lee, Pyeongsoo Mah
Design and Implementation of Intelligent Rhythmic Robot Based on User Preference 99-100
Taebok Yoon, Eun-suk Na


A STAMP-Based Approach to Developing Quantifiable Measures of Resilience 103-109
Paul M. Beach, Robert F. Mills, Brandon C. Burfeind, Brent T. Langhals, Logan O. Mailloux
Defense Techniques Against Cyber Attacks on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles 110-116
Charan Gudla, Md Shohel Rana, Andrew H Sung
Hardening Your Network Before the Next Attack 117-120
James McGinnis, Kevin Berisso


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