Proceedings of the 2018 International Conference on Data Science

ICDATA'18 Table of Contents

Editor(s): Robert Stahlbock, Gary M. Weiss, Mahmoud Abou-Nasr
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Mining Significant Terminologies in Online Social Media Using Parallelized LDA for the Promotion of Cultural Products 3-9
Richard de Groof, Haiping Xu, Jurui Zhang, Raymond Liu
Multi-label Classification of Single and Clustered Cervical Cells Using Deep Convolutional Networks 10-15
Melanie Kwon, Mohammed Kuko, Vanessa Martin, Tae Hun Kim, Sue Ellen Martin, Mohammad Pourhomayoun
Credit Default Mining using Combined Machine Learning and Heuristic Approach 16-22
Sheikh Rabiul Islam, William Eberle, Sheikh Khaled Ghafoor
Customer Level Predictive Modeling for Accounts Receivable to Reduce Intervention Actions 23-29
Michelle LF Cheong, Wen Shi
A Platform For Sentiment Analysis on Arabic Social Media 30-36
Sara Elshobaky, Noha Adly
Traffic Jam Direction Field Clustering 37-41
Alejandro Molina-Villegas, Louis Breton-Tenorio, Adriana Perez-Espinosa, Jose Luis Quiroz-Fabian, Araceli Liliana Reyes-Cabello, Emilio Bravo-Grajales
Message Classification for Generalized Disease Incidence Detection with Topologically Derived Concept Embeddings 42-48
Mark Abraham Magumba, Peter Nabende, Ernest Mwebaze
Data-Driven Exploration of Factors Affecting Federal Student Loan Repayment 49-55
Bin Luo, Qi Zhang, Somya Mohanty
Analysis of Tornado Environments using Convolutional Neural Networks 56-62
Michael P. McGuire, Todd W. Moore
On Monitoring Heat-pumps with a Group-based Conformal Aomaly Detection Approach 63-69
Shiraz Farouq, Stefan Byttner, Mohamed-Rafik Bouguelia
ML2ESC: A Source Code Generator to Embed Machine Learning Models in Production Environments 70-73
Oscar Castro-Lopez, Ines F. Vega-Lopez
Effective Machine Learning Approach to Detect Groups of Fake Reviewers 74-78
Jayesh Soni, Nagarajan Prabakar
Sentiment Probing of Social Media Data using Various Supervised Learners 79-85
Sourangshu Das , S. Kami Makki
Evaluating Self-Organizing Map Quality Measures as Convergence Criteria 86-92
Gregory Breard, Lutz Hamel
SwiftVis2: Plotting with Spark using Scala 93-99
Mark C. Lewis, Lisa L. Lacher
Organizations's Investment in Cloud Computing: Designing a Decision Support Platform 100-104
Jacques Bou Abdo, Najma Saidani, Ahmed Bounfour
RNN as a Multivariate Arrival Process Model: Modeling and Predicting Taxi Trips 105-111
Xian Lai, Gary Weiss
Implementing Data Mining Methods to Predict Diamond Prices 112-116
Jose M. Pena Marmolejos
Analyzing Inventory Data Using K-Means Clustering 117-122
Michael Pigman, Hung Le, Urvish Bhagat, Maxfield Thompson, Qingguo Wang
Assessment of Minorities Access to Finance 123-129
Emi N. Harry, Gary Weiss
Open-Source Neural Network and Wavelet Transform Tools for Server Log Analysis 130-136
Chunyu Liu, Tong Yu
Recursion Identify Algorithm for Gender Prediction with Chinese Names 137-142
Hua Zhao, Fairouz Kamareddine
Maximizing the Processing Rate for Streaming Applications in Apache Storm 143-146
Ali Al-Sinayyid, Michelle Zhu
Machine Learning Models for Predicting Fracture Strength of Porous Ceramics and Glasses 147-150
Saishruthi Swaminathan, Tejash Shah, Birsen Sirkeci-Mergen, Ozgur Keles
Big Data Security Analytics: Key Challenges 151-154
Ripon Patgiri, Umakanta Majhi


Improvement of the Firefly-based K-means Clustering Algorithm 157-162
Lubo Zhou, Longzhuang Li
Anomaly Detection of Elderly Patient Activities in Smart Homes using a Graph-Based Approach 163-169
Ramesh Paudel, William Eberle, Lawrence B. Holder
Finding a Balance Between Interestingness and Diversity in Sequential Pattern Mining 170-176
Rina Singh, Jeffrey A. Graves, Lemuel R. Waitman, Douglas A. Talbert
Modeling Topics on Open Source Apache Spark Repositories 177-180
Xiaoran Wang, Leonardo Jimenez Rodriguez, Jilong Kuang
Effective Grouping of Unlabelled Texts using A New Similarity Measure for Spectral Clustering 181-184
Arnab Roy, Tanmay Basu


High-Performance Support Vector Machines and Its Applications 187-193
Taiping He, Tao Wang, Ralph Abbey, Joshua Griffin
Dyn2Vec: Exploiting Dynamic Behaviour using Difference Networks-based Node Embeddings for Classification 194-200
Sandra Mitrovic, Jochen De Weerdt
A Generalized Method for Fault Detection and Diagnosis in SCADA Sensor Data via Classification with Uncertain Labels 201-207
Md Ridwan Al Iqbal, Rui Zhao, Qiang Ji, Kristin P. Bennett
Tuning the Layers of Neural Networks for Robust Generalization 208-213
Chun Pang Chiu, Kwok Yee Michael Wong
FAWCA: A Flexible-greedy Approach to find Well-tuned CNN Architecture for Image Recognition Problem 214-219
Md Mosharaf Hossain, Douglas A. Talbert, Sheikh Khaled Ghafoor, Ramakrishnan Kannan
Venn Predictors Using Lazy Learners 220-226
Ulf Johansson, Tuwe Lofstrom, Hakan Sundell
A Multivariate Linear Regression Analysis of In Vitro Testing Conditions and Brain Biomechanical Response under Shear Loads 227-230
Folly Crawford, Jennifer Fisher, Osama Abuomar, Raj Prabhu
An Effective Nearest Neighbor Classification Technique Using Medoid Based Weighting Scheme 231-234
Avideep Mukherjee , Tanmay Basu


Yet Another Weighting Scheme for Collaborative Filtering Towards Effective Movie Recommendation 237-238
Anurag Banerjee, Tanmay Basu
Towards Developing Effective Machine Learning Frameworks to Identify Toxic Conversations Over Social Media 239-240
Ritam Majumder, Tanmay Basu
An Interactive Data Analytics System for Employment Acceptance Recommendation 241-242
Opeyemi Fadairo, David Olatunbosun, Premsagar Ravula, Manpreet Kaur


Analysis of EHR Free-text Data with Supervised Deep Neural Networks 245-251
Duncan Wallace, Tahar Kechadi
Predicting Epileptic Seizures using Dimensionality Reduction Techniques 252-257
Luis A. Martinez-Lopez, Daniel A. Martinez-Perez
Predictive Hybrid Machine Learning Model for Network Intrusion Detection 258-262
Ebrahim Alareqi, Khalid Abed
Modelling Radon Variability in Qatar: Challenges & Opportunities 263-267
Kassim Mwitondi, Ibrahim Al Sadig, Rifaat Hassona, Charles Taylor, Adil Yousif
Acceleration of Python Artificial Neural Network in a High Performance Computing Cluster Environment 268-272
Christopher Rosser, Ebrahim Alareqi, Anthony Wright, Khalid Abed
Stay Point Analysis in Automatic Identification System Trajectory Data 273-278
Yihan Cai, Menghan Tian, Weidong Yang, Yi Zhang
To Read or to Do? That is the Task 279-285
Zaid Alibadi, Jose Vidal


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