Proceedings of the 2019 International Conference on Security & Management

SAM'19 Table of Contents

Editors: Kevin Daimi, Hamid R. Arabnia
ISBN: 1-60132-509-6 | Copyright © 2019 CSREA Press | United States of America


Design Techniques of the S-Box in AES Cryptosystem - A Review and Performance Comparison 3-8
Mostafa Abd-El-Barr
Mobile App-Browser Extension Based Authentication 9-15
Ritwik Desai, Gaurav Varshney, Manoj Misra, Sajal Jindal
An Efficient Private Matching and Set Intersection Protocol: Implementation PM-Malicious Server 16-22
Gokay Saldamli, Levent Ertaul, Khushi Dholakia, Uma Maheswari Sanikommu
Formalization of Security Requirements and Attack Models for Cryptographic Hash Functions in ProVerif 23-29
Togo Yoshimura, Kenichi Arai, Hiroyuki Okazaki, Yuichi Futa
Chaining JSON Blocks for Secure Transmission of Mobile Data Sequences 30-36
John Yoon
Blockchain based IoT node Authentication in WSNs 37-38
Sunghyuck Hong


Towards a Method for Examining the Effects of Cognitive Load on the Performance of Cyber First Responders 41-47
Craig Speelman, Craig Valli, Oliver Guidetti
Smart Voting Keys to e-Democracy 48-55
Andrew Wolfe, Arnold J. Sze, Yared Beyene
VKE: a Visual Analytics Tool for CyberSecurity Data 56-62
Antonio Gonzalez-Torres, Vetria L. Byrd, Paul Parsons
Identity Management via Blockchain 63-68
Gokay Saldamli, Sohil Sanjay Mehta, Pranjali Sanjay Raje, Madhuri Shiva Kumarxe, Sumedh Sunil Deshpande
Semantic Knowledge Architecture for Cyber Security 69-76
Carla Sayan, Salim Hariri, George L. Ball


A Study of Anti-Phising Methodologies and Phishing Detection Algorithms 79-83
Beatrice M. Cerda, Shengli Yuan
Misuse Intrusion Detection using Machine Learning for Gas Pipeline SCADA Networks 84-90
Ehsan Al Zaki Khan, Gursel Serpen
Cross-Platform Malware: Study of the Forthcoming Hazard Adaptation and Behavior 91-94
Bassam Zahran, Stacy Nicholson, Aisha Ali-gombe
GPU-Accelerated Randomized Newton Method for Fast Training Malicious Web Site Classifier 95-99
Yuechao Lu, Boqi Gao, Fumihiko Ino


Security Lessons from Building a Back-End Service for Data Collection 103-106
Halmon Lui, Chen-Hsiang Yu
Impact of Cyber Security Mechanisms on Employees' Behavior 107-114
Yasser Hausawi
That's how I feel: A Study of User's Security Mental Model 115-122
Tahani Albalawi, Kambiz Ghazinour, Austin Melton


PortableVN: A Generic Mobile Application for Network Security Testbeds 125-131
Medha Pujari, Jhaghapratha Narayanamoorthy, Weiqing Sun, Farha Jahan, Bill McCreary, Quamar Niyaz, Vijay Devabhaktuni
Out-of-Band Authentication Using 2-Factor Image Matching 132-140
H. Karen Lu, Asad Ali, Benoit Famechon, Najam Siddiqui
Survey on Shilling Attacks and their Detection Algorithms in Recommender Systems 141-146
Miriam El Khoury Badran, Wissam Jurdi, Jacques Bou Abdo
Toward a Quantum Resistant SecretMatch Privacy Enhanced Technology - A Case Study 147-153
Dwight Horne, Suku Nair
Protecting the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle from Cyberattacks 154-157
Jesus Nunez, Vincent Tran, Ajay Katangur


Vehicle Routing Optimization for Humanitarian Logistics in Disaster Recovery: A Survey 161-167
Wadi Khalid Annuar, Maximilian Moll, Lai Soon Lee, Stefan Pickl, Hsin Vonn Seow
Component Selection Process in Assembling Cyberattack Simulation Models 168-174
Katia Mayfield, Mikel D. Petty, Tymaine S. Whitaker, Walter A. Cantrell, Scott M. Hice, Jeremiah McClendon, Pedro J. Reyes
Feature-level Data Fusion for Bio-metric Mobile Applications. A case study 175-181
Sorin Soviany, Cristina Soviany, Sorin Puscoci
Attribute Stream-Based Access Control (ASBAC) - Functional Architecture and Patterns 182-188
Dominic Heutelbeck
A Survey of Layered Approach to Threats and Countermeasures 189-194
Dina S. Bujud, Ahmed S. AlGhamdi, Malik Najmus Saqib


A Protocol for Service to Service Authentication using Token Challenge Response 197-199
Hiresha Kewalramani, Nader Nassar


Fundamental Defensive Programming Practices with Secure Coding Modules 203-207
Jeong Yang, Akhtar Lodgher
Probabilistic Classification for Industrial Cyber Risk Using Deep Neural Network 208-215
Xichen Zhang, Arash Habibi Lashkari, Nasim Maleki, Joseph F. Mudge, Ali A. Ghorbani
Design and FPGA Implementation of One-Time- Key Cipher System DNA Based 216-220
Hanady H. Issa, Amani Salah Elewa, Nabil Hamdy Shaker, Khaled A. Shehata
Increasing the Robustness of Deep Learning with Colored Noise Augmentation 221-227
Jules Chenou, George Hsieh, Tonya L. Fields
Android App Dissection on the Wandboard - Evolving the Platform Into One-Button Solution 228-235
Heiner Winkler, Christopher Lenk, Philipp Engler, Dirk Pawlaszczyk, Christian Hummert
Novel Extended Federated Authentication and Authorization Framework 236-241
Edward Rajah, Mathias Fonkam, Narasimha Rao Vajjhala
Algorithm for a Time Efficient Calculation of the Statistical Distribution of Primes 242-248
Aykan Inan
Context-Based Blockchain Platform Definition and Analysis Methodology: Results from the Application in the BlockIoT Project 249-255
Emilio Tissato Nakamura, Sergio Luis Ribeiro
A Novel Approach to Identify Confidential Data in Data Leakage Prevention Systems 256-259
Wei-Zi Wu, Bo-Chao Cheng
Identifying Insider and Masquerade attackers in Cloud Computing and IoT Devices 260-264
Krishna Kambhampaty, Kendall Nygard


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